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Worried about standing out from other candidates?
Having difficulty with crafting perfect anecdotes to sell yourself?
Unsure of the optimal approach to address ethical scenarios?
Need to polish your interpersonal and communication skills?
               Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

About Us

94% Success Rate for 2022!

93% of Students Return for a Second Lesson

MedAces was founded in 2014 to help medical students achieve their dream of becoming doctors. The stakes are now higher than ever with medical schools weighing the interview up to 50% of the application. We created an evidence based strategy and program to help students ace the medical interview with the input of medical specialists, past medical school interviewers and the top medical students across Australia. The interview can be a daunting experience and it can be hard to find a tutor who can give current, relevant and high quality advice that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We have tutored hundreds of students for every single medical school across Australia and New Zealand over the last 10 years. Each year we continue to improve our program with feedback from students after their interviews in order to have the most up to date preparation program. We will always strive to have the highest success rates for medical school entry in the Southern Hemisphere.


Our Commitment

Unfortunately, the medical interview is an imperfect system of screening for great future doctors. An hour of providing personal anecdotes and solving artifical problems is an extremely unreliable method to determine future success. It’s crazy that complete strangers within minutes, will judge whether you have what it takes to be a doctor! Some of our tutors who have been interviewers for medical schools have seen many amazing individuals with incredible interpersonal and empathy skills fail the interview due to poor interview technique.

At MedAces, we provide you with

  • the ability to structure responses that are logical, organised and understandable
  • the ability to sell yourself without sounding arrogant
  • the ability to tell a story that stands out and captivates examiners
  • worksheets and homework booklets with real MMI questions
  • medical school student tutors who are the top 1% of their cohort
  • timed practice sessions that help you verbalise your internalised response
  • rapport building techniques
  • cognitive training techniques to remain calm and focussed
  • access to our community of MedAces alumni





Unique Approach

MedAces, with the input of past examiners and specialists have designed worksheets specific for the universities you are preparing for. Due to our individualised sessions, we are able to focus on your specific problem areas and deliver methodical solutions to improve your marks, taking the guesswork out of interviews.

We have a 3 step approach to helping you ace the interview.

Our medical interview theory preparation takes you through all of the interview questions and all of the background information you should know for your university. We teach you structured frameworks and models to systematically approach all types of questions relevant for your university such as personal, ethical decision making, public health, decision making, role playing, detechnilisation, video/picture/quote analysis and practical problem solving.

Each session, you’ll answer real medical school interview questions to practice communication, idea generation and theoretical frameworks. Afterwards, you’ll be given feedback and key takeway problems to work on.

After drilling and training with past questions, you’ll be offered the chance to have simulated medical interviews. Our mock interviews will have the same stations, scenarios and format as the medical school you are interviewing for.

Head Tutors


Jonathan graduated from the University of Melbourne and is currently a doctor at NSW health. He was accepted into the most competitive hospital internship positions in both NSW and VIC due to his academic, interview and portfolio perfomance.  He obtained an ATAR of 99.9 and was the dux of both his high school and college. In the last 8 years, he has coached over 400 students for medical interviews at every single medical school across Australia with extremely high success rates. Jonathan also offers interview services to medical professionals from interns to consultants, for application into medical training programs, fellowships, consultant and director positions at the executive level.

Jonathan has a strong research background in oncology from his research at Harvard University, Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stem Cells Australia and Harvard Medical School.


Nagtha is a junior medical officer with extensive coaching experience. Due to her interview skills, she was the only international student to be accepted for an intern position at St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne beating out hundreds of applicants both domestic and international. Her interpersonal, communication and analytical skills resulted in receving the highest marks in psychiatry in her year out of over 300 medical students. She regularly undertakes research and speaking commitments at leading research institutes worldwide and also mentors medical students.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading the Economist, going for bike rides along Melbourne’s beautiful beaches and pursuing her passion in psychiatry.


Anne graduated from the University of Melbourne and commenced her surgical career at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), one of the most selective hospitals in Australia due to her interview and academic performance. She received medical school offers from Monash University, University of Queensland, UNSW and University of Adelaide upon graduating from high school with an ATAR of 99.9. She finds it rewarding to help students achieve their goals and success in their journeys.

Anne has a strong interest in translational research, with experience working in basic sciences and clinical trials. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology, and has undertaken clinical electives in the UK, Canada and US  including Neurosurgery at the Yale School of Medicine. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, writing and learning languages.

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