Preparing for the medical interview is very tricky. Students struggle with a wide variety of challenges when it comes to answering questions such as

  • poor structure
  • poor content
  • poor time management
  • poor examples
  • poor communication skills


And the thing is, a lot of these challenges can easily be overcome with practice. We at MedAces have designed worksheets specific for the universities you are practicing for to get into. Due to our individualised sessions we are able to cater to your specific problem areas and focus on where exactly you can improve your marks, taking the guesswork out of medical interviews.


Not only do we discuss the academic and ethical theory necessary to answer the questions, but we also put everything into practice. Each session you be drilled in concepts and then answer real past medical school questions so that everything taught is grounded and reinforced. After each lesson, your tutor will provide big picture key takeaway points for you to work on.   Furthermore, due to the difficult nature of preparing for medical school, you are free to email your tutor medical questions at any time.


Our tutors have had diverse experience in both undertaking the medical interview themselves and also tutoring for every single medical school in Australia.


Our focus is exclusively on the interview. We don’t divert our attention or resources to the GAMSAT/MCAT and as a result we have one of the highest success rates of medical school entry in Australia of 93%.

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