Happy Students

I attended the training program last year and the techniques that I learned really boosted my confidence and helped me get into medicine! I had failed my interviews for undergraduate medical entry even with really high scores so I was really nervous coming into my medical school interview this second time round. The tutors at MedAces really knew their stuff and went above and beyond to make sure I was able to maximise my marks on every station. I can’t thank you guys enough!

Winston R. attended 2019, accepted into the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney 

My previous degrees was in arts so I found it quite tough trying to break into medicine from a non traditional background. The expertise of the tutors put me at complete ease as they were able to help craft anecdotes which boosted my confidence. For the few months I had between the GAMSAT and the interviews, I had a program designed to help nail all the types of questions that would be thrown at me. I also found the mock interviews run a few weeks before the actual interview to be extremely insightful as it closely resembled the real medical school interviews on the day. 

Lauren W. attended 2019, accepted into Australian National University 

The tutors were really kind and knowledgeable in their experience of the interview process. From the very first lesson, I was shocked by how little I knew about the medical school interviews as I had assumed it was just a test of critical thinking and required little preparation. My tutor was amazing in her ability to identify gaps in my interpersonal skills and also taught strategies to significantly improve the sophistication of my responses. The structures that were taught and the unique approach to answering questions really helped to overcome my fear of the MMI. The course exceeded my expectations significantly.

Joanna L. attended 2020, accepted into the University of Newcastle