Happy Students

My previous university degree was in arts/commerce so it was really difficult trying to break into medicine from a non traditional program. The expertise that the tutors had over the medical interview process in Australia put me at complete ease. For the few months I had between the GAMSAT and the actual interviews, I had a program designed for me to nail all the types of questions that would be thrown at me for Sydney, ANU and Deakin

David H.attended 2018, accepted into the University of Sydney 

I attended the training program last year and the techniques that I learned really boosted my confidence and helped me get into medicine! I failed all the interviews for undergraduate medical entry even with really high ATAR/UMAT scores so I was really nervous coming into my medical school interview this second time round. Jonathan really knew his stuff and went above and beyond to make sure I understood how to tackle the questions. I can’t thank you enough!

Lily X. attended 2017, accepted into Deakin University 

MedAces provided me with the opportunity to get into medical school and fulfil my lifelong dream to become a doctor. I was applying as a mature age student with a background in civil engineering so found it difficult to wrap my head around medical ethics and bioethics. All the notes and drills really boosted my confidence and eventually resulted in me getting 3 medical school offers.

Henry C. attended 2018, accepted into Monash, James Cook and Curtin University 

I was provided with honest and insightful techniques to help me maximise marks in each station. After not receving a single offer after interviewing at 3 universities last year, I decided to get professional interview help. My tutor picked apart my answer line by line and showed me exactly where I was going wrong. I’m extremely grateful for the help provided and the willingness to accomodate me at a short notice even though they were already running a very hectic schedule!

Pooja G. attended 2018, accepted into Curtin University 

Really happy with the way the interview training program was run this year. My understanding of the interview process and the approach required to the different types of  interview questions were really solidified. Jonathan is an all round good guy who really cares about your success. Can’t believe I got accepted into Melbourne! 😀

Dominic R. attended 2017, accepted into the University of Melbourne 

Over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge for the medical interview as well as techniques for future interviews. The structures that were taught and the unique approach to answering questions really helped in overcoming my fear of the MMI.

Sarah S. attended 2017, accepted into UNSW 

The tutors really helped me understand the MMI’s purpose, marking schematics and types of questions that would be asked. I really felt like I benefited from the program with the rigorous worksheets and the dedicated tutors. All the tutors were very experienced and knew exactly how to craft the perfect answer.

Erin D. attended 2018, accepted into the University of Melbourne