Senior Tutors


Joanna is currently a medical student in NSW and one of our most experienced senior tutors. She regularly leads our interview preparation courses and coaches students from high school all the way to the graduate level. Her ability to think critically and create personalised interview answers has resulted in her students successfully placed into multiple medical schools across Australia and New Zealand. Joanna’s work ethic and devotion resulted in her personally gaining multiple medical school admissions in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Her interview coachhing skills carries over to many fields and she often prepares law, business and accounting students for internships and job offers.

In Joanna’s spare time she enjoys baking, keeping fit through hiking and participating in debating competitions. 


Sophie is currently one of the top performing medical students at University of Adelaide. She has a unique ability to understand the nuances of her student’s background to assist them in presenting themselves in the best possible light. Sophie also leads MedAces’ outreach program to assist with spreading the success of MedAces to high schools and universities across Australia to ensure that no candidate is every disadvantaged. Sophie is currently performing research into the inequities of health care systems in caring for rural populations. In her spare time, she enjoys crossword puzzles, designing cognitive tests and playing soccer.


Lachie is currently a medical student at the University of Queensland and was the top performing MedAces student in the 2019 cohort. Lachie’s analytical ability and highly logical approach to interview questions has resulted in high success rates in medical school admissions. He enjoys walking his students through the rationale behind each question and watching his students become more confident and articulate with each lesson. Lachie likes to write medical articles, journalism and engage in activism in his spare time, and also makes time in his busy schedule to seek out leadership opportunities at his clinical school and within his university.